Section 1 – Appointments – Committees shall be appointed and shall function only to aid in the implementation of the Society’s objectives. The Society President, after consultation with the Board of Directors, shall appoint chairpersons and members of all regular standing committees except the Nominating and Elections Committee (Article V, Section 1), and all special committees the President or Board of Directors may designate. All committee chairpersons shall submit a written summary of committee activities to the President and Recording Secretary before the Annual Election Meeting.

Clause A – Volunteer Assistance – Members of the Luren Auxiliary, Associate Members or other individuals shall be encouraged to volunteer for Society Committees.

Section 2 – Duties of Standing Committees

Clause A – Nominating and Elections – See Article V, Section 1.

Clause B – Audit – The committee shall consist of a chairperson and at least two additional members. It shall review the financial records and support documents of the Treasurer, and the files of the Recording Secretary, and submit a written report to the President, prior to the Annual Election Meeting

Clause C – Chaplaincy – The committee shall consist of the Chaplain and an assistant who provide traditional Chaplain services to the Society and the membership including information on absent members, support and communication.

Clause D – Christmas Concert and Party – The committee will plan the Christmas Concert program in consultation with the Director and will coordinate with Luren Auxiliary for the concert and the annual Christmas Party.

Clause E – Coffee – The committee will coordinate after rehearsal refreshments and any similar functions with other groups such as Luren Auxiliary.

Clause F – Community Support, Charitable/Cultural/Scholarship – The committee will investigate opportunities for the Society to aid worthy causes, provide recommendations to the Board of Directors, and assist in implementation. Support may include monetary or in-kind contributions, hosting guest choruses, donations from concert performances, and participation in and/or attendance at events sponsored by other organizations.

Clause G – Constitution – The committee will ensure the incorporation status of the Society, prepare proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws as directed, monitor tax status and compliance, and study and provide recommendation on operating policies or any unresolved issue before the Society.

Clause H – Fair Stand – The committee will plan and coordinate the annual Society fundraiser at the Winneshiek County Fair. Committee responsibilities will be shared with volunteer Fair Stand Partners.

Clause I – History/Archives – The committee chairperson is the Society Historian. See Article 5. Section 4, Clause H for committee responsibilities.

Clause J – Membership Services – The committee will recruit, introduce and familiarize new member to the Society, submit the annual membership list, electronic mail,  and phone tree to the President and Recording Secretary, coordinate Society awards and promote fellowship within the membership and with Luren Auxiliary. All activities shall be closely coordinated with the Luren Auxiliary.

Clause K – Tour – The committee will investigate opportunities for concert tours, submit alternatives to the Board of Directors, and plan and coordinate tours approved by the Chorus Membership. Luren Auxiliary should be represented on the committee.

Clause L – Music – The Music Committee shall each year review the chorus repertoire, anticipated concerts, and suggestions from members, and develop a music list for the year. The committee shall recommend a music budget each year for consideration by the Board of Directors, order music and supplies, and maintain the music file.

Clause M – Products and Sales -Product and Sales will review the need and opportunity for recordings or other items consistent with Society objectives. The committee will coordinate production and distribution of items as approved by the Society.

Clause N – Publicity, Media, Printed Programs – Committee responsibilities include news releases, media interviews and exposure, coordination with concert sponsors, special promotional events, publicity and photos, posters, and printing concert programs.

Clause 0 – Transportation – The Transportation Committee coordinates travel arrangements which may include mass transit, car pooling or other alternatives.

Clause P – Uniform – The Uniform Committee shall maintain all unassigned uniforms, contact new members regarding uniforms and uniform policy, notify the treasurer of charges due for uniform assignment, and recommend uniform standards and policies.

Section 3 –Special or Ad-Hoc Committees – Other committees may be designated by the President or Board of Directors to address special or short-term issues.

Section 4 – Accountability – All committees shall be accountable to the Board of Directors, under the general supervision of the President.

Section 5 – Tenure – All committees shall serve until new committees are appointed in their stead or until the duties assigned to the committee have been discharged.