Article X – UNIFORMS

Section 1 – Chorus Uniform – To enhance chorus performances, appropriate uniforms will be selected. Each Chorus Member shall arrive at performance sites with the appropriate uniform as previously announced. Jewelry, awards or pins shall not be displayed on outerwear except as announced by the marshal or designee. There is no set policy on funding uniform purchase and funding decisions may be determined at any time by a vote of the Chorus Members. Current uniform standards follow.

Clause A – Regular Dress Uniform – Black tuxedo with vest, white shirt, black bow tie, Luren kerchief in breast pocket, and black shoes and socks.  The shirt is formal ruffled white.  A formal long tie is also provided as an alternative.   The tuxedo, vest, kerchief and ties are provided by the Society.  Individual members will provide the remaining attire.  Purchasing source will be determined by the Uniform Committee Chairman with the approval of the Society Board of Directors. The tuxedo, vest and ties will be returned to the Uniform Committee Chairman upon membership termination.

Clause BSummer Uniform – Luren-designed blue shirt with decorative braid, dark blue slacks, black shoes, black socks and black belt.  The shirt and slacks are provided by the Society and the remaining attire is provided by the member.  The shirt and slacks will be returned to the Uniform Committee Chairman upon membership termination.

Clause C – Sangerfest Formal Dress – The customary dress for the Grand Concert at Sangerfest, and perhaps other events, is a white formal jacket, black tuxedo trousers, black bow tie, black shoes and black socks. The member provides this attire.

Clause D – Other Dress – Occasionally. The chorus may dress informally to perform, or may coordinate informal attire such as with festive sweaters.