Section 1 – Fair Stand – The Society shall maintain the Winneshiek County Fair Food Stand to raise funds for Society operations, this minimizing monetary dues. As a part of the annual dues requirement, all Chorus Members shall complete their fair stand assignment or provide a replacement (Article IV, Section 5).

Clause A – Fair Stand Partners – Luren Auxiliary members (Article XIII) or Associate Members, who volunteer to assist in fair stand operations each year as Fair Stand Partners, will share equally, with Society members, the responsibilities and benefits of Fair Stand operations.

Clause B – Use of Proceeds – The priority use for Fair Stand proceeds will be support of biennial Sangerfests. This support will include Chorus registration, Chorus Member and Fair Stand Partner registration, travel expenses and registration of the pianist and director funded by the Society, and any special NSAA assessments related to Sangerfest. This support contributes to Sangerfest production including hiring of musicians, rental of the rehearsal and performance halls, and other’ production costs. Periodically, as determined by the Board of Directors, and in consideration of future Sangerfest support, any accumulating balance from Fair Stand proceeds may be expended on other Society expenses.

Clause C – Encouraging Sangerfest participation – In addition to those persons listed in Clause B, the Sangerfest registration of a new member of Luren Auxiliary may be paid for the first Sangerfest following Auxiliary membership. Thereafter, Sangerfest registration will only be paid by the Society if the Auxiliary member is a Fair Stand Partner.

Clause D – Fair Stand Committee – All operations of the Fair Stand shall be planned and coordinated by the Fair Stand Committee under the general guidance of the Board of Directors (Article VIII, Section 2, Clause H).

Section 2 – Sangerfest – NSAA sponsors a national regional Sangerfest, or singer’s festival, each even numbered year, customarily held in June. Consistent with Society objectives, the Chorus shall attend each Sangerfest and all members are encouraged to participate.