Section 1 – Objectives – Consistent with the Articles of Incorporation, the Society’s objectives are:

  • Sponsor musical performances for the enjoyment of audiences and for charitable, religious, cultural, and educational purposes.
  • Promote fellowship and harmony via music and performance.
  • Cultivate music, particularly male chorus singing, and music education,
  • Engender a love for the beauty within national and patriotic songs of America, Norway and other Scandinavian countries.

Section 2 – Implementation – To aid in the achievement of these objectives, the Society proposes to:

  • Maintain the Luren Singing Society Chorus with a repertoire, frequent performances, and other activities.
  • Perform a variety of music, including but not limited to sacred, patriotic, and Scandinavian songs.
  • Support charitable, religious, educational, and cultural activities and events with chorus performances and/or contributions.
  • Support the NSAA and participate in NSAA events including Sangerfest.
  • Complement and support community musical activities via shared events, coordinated schedules, and open communications.